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Throughout my ministry the Lord has often spoken to me concerning the last day outpouring and the emergence of great spiritual champions that will do extraordinary exploits to His Glory. I have seen these champions in various experiences and witnessed the great capacity they will carry for the Lord and His authority. They will have single vision with an amazing determination to see to it the Lord receives the full measure of His reward. All of these attributes and more are what I have discovered in the life and ministry of Jonny Nash. There is an amazing truth in 1 John 2:27 that states we receive an anointing that will teach us everything we need to know concerning our destiny. It is the principle of the “deep calling unto the deep”. Since Jonny was in our internship I have witness the Spirit of God propel him into a great journey and quest to understand the deep things of God. The strength of character, depth of hunger, and constant zeal that Jonny has for the Lord and understanding His word is evidence of the great destiny on his life. The anointing in him has launched Jonny into the realm of spiritual understanding. From that posture he has gained great insight involving the revelatory realm of Heaven, the manifestation of the sons of God and the profound fulfillment of prophetic Scripture. For that reason he is uniquely equipped to mobilize and impart vision into this next generation and cause others to share in his zeal for the Lord and the Spirit of Truth. It is for all these reasons that I gladly recommend the ministry of Jonny Nash and his leadership of the Daniel Company.

Paul Keith Davis
WhiteDove Ministries