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Testimonies what past interns say about the internship

Jenelle Hébert

My name is Jenelle Hébert and I attended the Daniel Company in the fall of 2006 after I graduated high school. Having been born and raised in a Christian home, I knew a lot about God but I didn’t know the person of God. I had a deep desire to follow Him and serve Him but this desire was driven by self condemnation and the subconscious idea that works earned the favor and love of God. The first few weeks of the Daniel Company were very difficult for me because, although I was building new relationships and sitting under teaching daily, God was beginning to reveal my inability to become accepted before Him on my own. I began to feel frustrated with my own weakness, and what I thought was a simple feeling of inadequacy, God began to expose as pride and self-righteousness. This was the beginning… [learn_more caption=”Read More”]of God bringing me to a place of total acceptance and love in His perfection and not my own. With the guidance of my leaders I began to break down old, stubborn mindsets that required me to work for my salvation, and replace them with the truth of the gospel of Christ. Through the extraordinary yet simple teaching of the gospel of Jesus, my mind was renewed and I began to experience freedom that I had not known before. Jesus replaced my imperfect righteousness with his own; He took my weakness and proved Himself strongThroughout the three months that I attended the Daniel Company God blessed me with friendships founded on Him and relationships that would prove to be some of my closest. The congregation at Frontline Worship Center invested in my giftings and callings and encouraged my pursuit of relationship with Jesus. They taught me about destiny and the joy of pursing the plans and purposes of God for my life. They taught me about eternity and seeking after the things that remain. Mostly, they taught me about love, how to receive the love of God and how to pour that love out on Him and others. The leaders poured into me daily and the lessons that I have learned from their teaching and wisdom are invaluable. My life, and the lives of many who are close to me, have been greatly impacted by the Daniel Company. I believe the foundation instilled in me in those three months will carry me into eternity.


David Sumantry

My name is David Sumantry and I attended the Daniel Company internship during the fall of 2009. Prior to my time with the Daniel Company, I considered myself a fairly “good Christian”. My parents were actively involved in ministry throughout most of my life, and I was raised in a home where Jesus was the centre. God was always talked about and my parents would often share stories of God’s miraculous power during the time they spent on missions and growing up. We always attended church, even when were looking for a church or when I decided to move from my parents church to one where I felt God wanted me to be. At the same time however, my personal relationship with God went through ups and downs. I struggled with all sorts of sin and didn’t fully grasp God’s perfect will for me was to be free. I was looking for enjoyment and satisfaction in the wrong places. After a rough season in my life, I decided to apply for the Daniel Company and dedicate my life to the Lord for three months. I knew that the sin I was in was wrong, but until my internship I didn’t realize how much God really loves me and hates sin. Those three months changed me completely. [learn_more caption=”Read More”]I was able to deal with issues of rejection and fear in my life which were the root of so many of my problems. I met people who truly loved God. They didn’t think compromise was okay and believed that if you are a Christian, you love people regardless of how they act or what they’ve done. Frontline Worship Centre was the first place where I didn’t feel judged for who I am and learned to love because He loved me first. Though I had thought I was a good Christian, I learned that there is so much more to my relationship with God than avoiding sin and tiptoeing through life. Through teaching given by the amazing leaders, I learned about who Jesus wants me to be and awakened God-given desires within myself. Once my internship was over, I returned home a changed man. Nobody recognized me as the same person I was three months prior. The power of God changed my life. I no longer have the desire to give in to my sinful nature because I know that I have been crucified with Christ. I live by the Spirit with no condemnation because I am loved by God.


Isaac Haines

Hi there, my name is Isaac. I like like poetry, long walks on the beach, and of course, my dog Baxter. But seriously, The Daniel Company changed my life. Three months devoted to the Lord is more then enough for Him to radically change you.

Matthew 7:7 says, “Ask, and you will receive. Seek, and you will find. Knock, and the door will be opened unto you.”

Stepping into the Daniel Company I asked to receive the Lord, and I did. As I was in the Daniel Company I was seeking the Lord, and in the end, I found Him  Through out all my knocking he opened up the kingdom of heaven to me. I have been a Christian my whole life. As long as I can remember the Lord has always been before me. I have always loved Him, and have always wanted Him. I did the Daniel Company two years ago, and right before I did it I thought I was doing pretty good. I mean I read my bible almost every day, I prayed, and I went to church. Some would say, “I was a pretty good Christian,” But when I took a short time out of my life to focus on the Lord, and to learn about his affections toward me, I became a new man. The main thing I got out of the Daniel Company was that “God loves me.” He seriously does, and He seriously likes me too. The teachings are amazing, and the people are amazing too. They all point you towards one thing— how much God loves you, and how much He actually wants you. Soooo. Just do it.